Written by francis.

From Andalusia, Stolen Notes has the challenge to get deep into Traditional Irish Music, as well as music
from other Atlantic Arc countries such as Scotland, Asturias, and Brittany, in order to “steal” their notes and
feed from their essence and spirit.
Its members, from the deepest respect for the musical tradition of these celtic lands and after developing
during years the characteristic style of playing each instrument, embark on a musical adventure feeded
from fountain of the tradition to create a fresh perspective within the current Folk scene.
Their repertoire elaboration is based on arrangements of a careful selection of traditional melodies and
original compositions. Through its different sets of melodies, a musical discourse takes place, full of
sensations and contrasts, where the sound of the Uilleann pipe, the wooden flute, the whistle, the Bodhrán,
and the Acoustic guitar fuse together in song.
From the vibrant Irish rhythms like the Reel, the Polka or the Jig to the evocative Slow airs and Waltzes, the
Scottish Marches and pieces from Brittany like the An Dro and the Gavotta, the Stolen Notes project is
created essentially for live concerts because only being in contact with the audience all this story becomes
Instruments of Stolen Notes in Cádiz's beach